The Department of Methodology& Cognitive Sciences focuses at first on the teaching of methodology in various disciplines. These teachings are theoretical and will be provided within the framework of workshops of analysis and data processing.

The Department also organizes various specialized training sessions for senior managers from public and private institutions. The Department sees its contribution to the education through young PhD students’ research as one of its essential tasks, conducted in close relationship with its academic partners. The Department will continue its active involvement in education, paying special attention to the quality of research and, more generally, the quality of the training received by these PhD students and to the preparation of their employability and their field research. In 2020, the department will release a methodology reference book. This department also continues its own electronic multidisciplinary journal presenting articles in different fields of Methodology& Cognitive Sciences.


The main objective of the Department of Methodology& Cognitive Sciences can be summarized as:

– Teaching the advanced methodology

– Achievement of extensive research projects, perspective reports,

– Publication of research work of methodologists,

– Cooperation with academics and international experts,

– Networking of methodologists and researchers of the Department allowing members to exchange information and opinions,

– Organization of conferences, seminars, symposia and other public events whose objective would be to contribute to the influence of strategic and prospective studies,

– Development and expansion of cooperation in the fields of basic research,

– Promoting the mobility of researchers and the free flow of ideas and information.